YMCA Tennis

Boris Zaitsev

Boris is a USPTA Certified Tennis Professional and joins us from the Cape Coral Yacht Club.  Previously he was a tennis coach at the All American Tennis Club in Las Vegas, NV.   

His coaching style is energetic and focused on movement and technique.  Boris is new to the Naples area.  He received his B.D. in Marketing from the State University of St. Petersburg, Russia.  While there he won the City of St. Petersburg Doubles Title for the University Division.

Players interested in setting up a private individual lessons can contact the North Campus Tennis Center at naplestennis@ymcacollier.org for more information.


Please prepay online for your session for private and semi-private lessons. The tennis pros will receive an email and contact you to set up a time and day that meets your needs. Sessions may be used for up to 6 months in case of rain or the need to reschedule.

Lessons Member Non-Member
Private: 60 Minutes $75 $85
Private: 45 Minutes $60 $70
Private: 30 Minutes $40 $50
Private: Junior Hitting Session (60 Minutes)* $50 $55
Private Non-member Package: 10 Sessions (60 Mins)   $750
Semi-private (per-person): 30 Minutes $20 $25
Semi-private (per-person): 60 Minutes $38 $43
Semi-private (per-person): 90 Minutes $58 $68
Private Groups: 3 Person (90 Minutes) $25 $30
Private Groups: 4 Person (90 Minutes) $20 $25
Team Practice $15 $15