The PTASH Program, short for Promoting Tennis and Student Health, aims to support qualifying local youth in their participation in youth tennis programs, generously sponsored by the YMCA of Collier County. 100% of the costs for these programs will be covered, providing an avenue for children to access the benefits of tennis, regardless of their family's financial means.



The PTASH Program was inspired by the late Mike Prystash, a former YMCA member and passionate tennis enthusiast. Known as "PTASH" to his closest friends, Mike strongly believed in the importance of tennis as an inclusive and accessible sport for young individuals. He advocated for athletic programs as crucial tools for fostering skills, discipline, camaraderie, and promoting a healthy lifestyle within our community.

Sadly, Mike Prystash passed away on April 26, 2020, at the age of 50 due to complications from Type 1 Diabetes. In memory of his exceptional life and love for sports, particularly tennis, the YMCA of Collier County, together with Mike's friends and family, established an endowment in his name. This endowment will go towards the funding of free youth tennis programs throughout Collier County, ensuring that Mike's legacy lives on through the joy and benefits of tennis for countless children and families.



For more information about PTASH program, please contact (239) 963-3781 or email