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Since 1957, Florida YMCA Youth In Government has provided young leaders the opportunity to strengthen their values, make their voices heard and their passions known. Through our Youth In Government (YIG) program, middle and high school students build leadership skills, gain self-confidence and discover how our government operates.

Students learn debate techniques and earn community service hours, scholarship opportunities and college credit. Senior YIG students will have the opportunity to enjoy an experience to remember at State Assembly in Tallahassee where they take over the capitol, assuming the roles of legislators, senators, supreme court justices, lobbyists, the press corps and more!

The Youth In Government program aims to achieve various goals. These include promoting awareness of societal issues and their potential solutions, fostering confidence in and dedication to the democratic process, enhancing participative leadership skills, improving communication abilities, fostering respect for diverse viewpoints, promoting accountability and respect for the rights of others, encouraging the application of moral and ethical values in public policy-making, enriching formal education with reality-based learning experiences, and providing career exposure for youth.

Participants of YMCA Youth In Government program are routinely rewarded with scholarships, college credit, community recognition, and most importantly the awareness and confidence to be the kind of leaders our state and country need.

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